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It's only a pet, by John Whitman

It's only a pet, by John Whitman

“It’s only a pet!” some people say, when a pet passes away.

“It’s only a pet! …You can get another one”… they say.

“You must move on now that she’s gone.”

But memories with me stay.

“It’s only a pet!” they say … yet she was more to me.

“It’s only a pet! Move on! Forget!”

“No! … She was family.”

“It’s only a pet!

It’s only a pet!”

Is that all they can say?

She was my friend, companion, love …

And now she’s passed away.

“She’s not an “it”.

She had a name which I did give to her.

Don’t call her “it” ‘cause she was more…

my lovely bundle of fur.

She was a personality,

a member of our family.

She’d make us laugh.

She’d make us cry.

Sometimes our patience she would try.

But one thing’s sure: ‘It was love she gave

and love from us was what she’d crave.

(So stop and think before you say

on that sad day she passes away…

“It’s only a pet!”

Acknowledge her worth and speak her name.

Acknowledge the love that was the flame

that burnt within her heart.

You’ll then help me cope with the grief

that comes along the way,

and I’ll enjoy the memories,

and heal from day to day.)

She was a pet.

“Tis true … but yet … part of family.

She was only a pet?

No! ..... I’ll not forget …

She was more than that to me.

She was more than a pet who I’ll never forget ‘cause she WAS family.

She was more than a pet who I’ll never forget…

She’s in my memory.

John Whitman © October 2018

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