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How do you explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

"Most of us have small, sad places in our hearts. My father felt deeply but kept his feelings to himself. Or rather, being a writer, he let them escape in his writing. And so such sadnesses as there were put on cap and bells and emerged as Eeyore." C.R. Milne

This is one of many quotations on my office noticeboard. It was posted on Twitter by C.R. Milne on World Mental Health Day (Monday 10th October 2022, this year it falls on a Tuesday on 10th October 2023).

Every day should be a Mental Health Day. and it reminds us of the value that writing can have in helping us cope with the vagaries of life. It might be that you use writing for your well-being for yourself. It might be that you use it for others. It might be that you do both! However you use it, let your writing provide an escape and give your sadness's, your concerns, and your joys, words.

The self-help Grief Episode Guide for Teens journal enables this to happen, it offers space for thoughts, written or drawn, imagery and more. Buy your copy today at

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