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Not just Another Dream poem by author Jennifer Yates

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

In the silence of the night

A vision whispered in my dream,

I am the centre of your being,

I am not what I may seem,

I'm your conscious, your mind set,

I'm the beginning of your universe,

My presence never ends.

I was with you at your conception,

I'll be with you at your journey's end,

You never need be lonely,

On me, you can depend.

I can stretch your powers of survival

And will comfort, when in need,

For I can guide you through life's byways,

Just tell me, and I'll proceed.

I'm the balm that soothes all hiccups,

The loving touch you crave,

I'm on your side, whatever,

Even when you misbehave!

When you accept my presence

Any we work well as a team,

That's when I will assure you,

I am not just another dream!

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